January beauty buys

Jan Beauty Buys
I’ve decided to share with you at the end of each month / beginning of the next, the beauty products that I have bought and loved.

I’m not a huge spender on beauty but I do like to look and feel my best. I guess you could call me a mid-range girl. I don’t often splurge on products, but I don’t got for the cheapest of the cheap either. So, this month, I’ve been loving…

1) Nivea Daily Essential Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover – £3.49 for 125ml

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but despite religiously taking off my make-up every night, I would always wake up with black marks under my eyes where I haven’t got all the mascara off. You don’t really want to scrub and rub at that delicate skin under your eyes. But this stuff is amazing. You can’t really see in this pic, but it settles into two layers, so you shake it up and then just a little bit on a cotton wool pad, a light wipe, and even thick black mascara and eye make-up comes off. No trace of it the next morning and it doesn’t even give you blurry eyes when you put it on.

2) Dove Shea Butter Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Oil – £6.99 for 150ml

This moisturising oil smells divine. It leaves your skin glistening and supple and it’s really not that greasy. I wouldn’t get dressed straight away after applying, but it does soak in and it doesn’t mark or stain your clothes. It’s got a slight golden tint, so makes your pins look a little bit tanned as well.

3) Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme in Leather Black – £7,99 for 9.5ml

Thick, gorgeous black lashes that stay put all day.

4) Nail Paint by Barry M in Diamond Glitter – £2.99 for 20ml

This will go over any colour or look gorgeous on its own to add a bit of vavavoom to any outfit, whether you want to sparkle on a night out, or add some zing during the day. It really catches the light and gives a different look as you move.

5) Aveeno Cream – £6.99 for 100ml

I suffer from dry skin from time to time and read about Aveeno over on Rock My Wedding some time ago. I’ve only just got round to trying it, but it has cleared up a patch of dry skin which hadn’t really gone for over a year, in about a week of using it. It’s amazing. It goes on really easily, smells nice (not amazing, but not offensive) and it soaks in really quickly, so you can apply make up quite quickly afterwards.

6) Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate – £19 for 100ml

OK, I know, this is a splurge product. It was a present, so I’m just enjoying it, and to be honest, it would be soooo worth the money to buy as a treat. It makes your bathroom smell like a spa and leaves your skin silky smooth.

7) Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat – £4.49 for 12ml

This top coat really seems to stop your colour from chipping. I’ve had my latest colour on for over a week, which when you muck out stables, groom horses and do your own housework every day, is pretty damn good going, I’d say.

8) Max Factor Facefiniry Compact Foundation – £10.99

I don’t really like heavy cream foundations, as I find they irritate my dry skin. And sometimes a powder isn’t quite enough, so this is a really nice balance between the two and I have had compliments since using it on how well I look. Thank goodness they don’t see me pre-make-up…

9) Nail Art Brushes – £1.99

I bought these nail art brushes from eBay for £1.99. Do a search and it will throw up loads of options. They are great as they have really fine tips that let you do some funky little designs or a perfect Frenchie. I need more practice but have made some very pretty manicures so far.