Word of the week: 17/4/15

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant, which signifies a very exciting milestone in our journey, so the word of the week is:



It’s widely recognised that 24 weeks marks viability day, whereby your baby would be viable for life if it was to be born now.

Giving birth now is a seriously scary prospect,don’t get me wrong, and I would not wish it on anybody. I really feel for parents who have to go through the worry and heartache of premature birth.

However, it is really reassuring to hit each of these milestones – 12 week scan, 20 week scan, viability day – and know that you are a little further along in your journey to meeting your little one and for all being OK. So far, so good, I guess you could say.

In a way that you would often describe a holiday, or time off work, or how long you’ve been married, for example, this pregnancy seems in some ways to have flown by, but in others, the day we found out¬†we were pregnant seems like a lifetime ago. And 16 weeks will probably also fly by, but right now it seems an eternity away.

But we are hoping and praying that Little R-M stays tucked up safe in my tummy until it’s time for he or she to come out and meet their mum and dad. I am so very excited to meet our baby.


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