Weekly gratitude// Swings and signing

If I’m being honest, I’m shattered today. Despite a really solid eight hour sleep last night, I’ve not yet caught up from last week. We had a super busy week, so the rain was quite welcome today as it meant we had a cosy day at home, baking, playing and snuggling.

This week I’m feeling really grateful for lots of things:


Last Sunday, Lottie got on the swings for the first time in about two years. She used to love them as a baby, but something really put her off when she was about 18 months old. Since then, she’s sometimes asked to go on them, but as soon as her bottom hit the seat, she’d panic and have to get back off. On Sumday we could see she was scared, but for some reason she found some courage and managed to sit on the swing. 15 minutes later and she was giggling like a drain, swinging as high as Frankie and we couldn’t get her off. Being on the swings isn’t the be all and end all in life, I realise that, but her courage to overcome her fears is huge and I was so so proud of her. I’ll keep that video of her swinging and giggling forever.

Makaton course

I finished the next stage of my Makaton training last week and learned so much. I’m now helping Lottie to learn some signs and she seems to be really enjoying it. I’ll never forget telling Gary how I’d learned some random signs like beer and namaste, to turn round and see my three year-old correctly signing namaste! That’s what yoga at preschool does for you.

Mummy daughter day

I spent a few hours with my sister and my mum this week. We took mum shopping for some new clothes with no children in tow! I literally cannot remember the last time I did that. It was so nice to have some time without little people to interrupt conversation and get up to constant mischief.

Woody passed

Woody has been on his second training course recently, working towards his APDT foundation certificate. And this week he passed with flying colours. He’s such a lovely, willing dog and he just adores going to training. So proud of him.

EHCP support

We are about to embark on the Education and Health Care Plan process for Lottie and to be honest, I’m frightened. It all seems so complicated. A local support group I am part of organised an information evening last Thursday with some key people from our county and I learnt so much in those three hours. I’m feeling a little more confident to go and fill in the first form now. Any advice greatly appreciated.