A second birthday Zumbini rainbow party

You may have noticed this blog has been a bit quiet over recent months. Coinciding quite neatly with me having two children to look after and therefore, very little time to do anything else.

But I’m slowly getting back into a routine now, and, shock, both girls are currently napping at the same time. I doubt I’ll get this post finished before one wakes up, but just overlapping naps is a good start.

Despite not posting on here much though, we’ve had a fun-filled summer and there are a few things I still wanted to share, despite being a little past the occasion. The next of these is Lottie’s second birthday rainbow party.

I’m sure some people would have thought a full-on party was a little over the top for a two year-old, but I’m actually so glad we made the decision to host it.

Lottie is quite a shy little thing and likes things just so. She’s not hugely keen on big crowds or on anything out of the ordinary. So when we discussed what to do to celebrate her second year of life, I immediately put the brakes on Mr M’s ‘BBQ in the garden with all our mates’ idea.

If more than two people turn up at the house, she gets a bit twitchy. If 20+ had arrived, she’d have gone into meltdown. And if we’re celebrating her birthday, the last thing I wanted to do was to upset her.

Her favourite thing in the world is Zumbini. Our gorgeous Zumbini instructor, Ana, runs parties. So to me, that was the perfect plan for her.

For those of you who haven’t heard of, or experienced the wonders of, Zumbini, it’s a class for 0-3 year olds with music, singing, dancing, instruments and lots of fun. It’s genuinely one of our favourite hours of the week! 

I decided on a rainbow theme for the food, invitations and decor as it’s bright and happy, just like our little girl, and it kind of matches the Zumbini vibe. In full mummy mode, I entirely forgot to take any pictures of the details, as I was too busy playing host. My lovely brother in law took some awesome photos of the party in full swing, but I’ve had to crop into his shots to show the detail, so excuse the quality of some of the images here.

I put the invitations together on Picmonkey and was really pleased with how they came out (obviously, I’ve taken out the details here).


The food followed the theme, with rainbow fruit skewers (I got the wrong melon, so orange was excluded, much to my dismay, but I didn’t cut into it until 10pm the night before, so it was too late to do anything about it.

The fairy cakes had rainbow laces and rainbow sprinkles. And my piece de resistance was the birthday cake. It doesn’t look much from the outside, but just look at how it turned out inside (huge sigh of relief when I cut into that one.

Lottie wore a gorgeous blue dress from The Princess and The Frock. And Frankie broke the mold with a pink one with white polka dots, but did she look cute or what?!

The decor was minimal as the hall we were in didn’t allow things attached to the walls. The party bags were all rainbow colours and I attached a different coloured balloon to each bag, to make a bit of a feature.

Lottie LOVED the party, She danced to her heart’s content, ate loads and smiled non-stop (once she’d got used to the crowds).


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