A non-baby-shower

This weekend saw the day finally come for my non-baby-shower, which I first mentioned here.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a baby shower as the perfect excuse to get all my favourite ladies together for a party. I do LOVE a party. A good excuse to celebrate, natter, eat and drink. However I am a bit old fashioned and was really not wholly comfortable with the idea of everyone thinking that they needed to bring presents with them.

I knew if one of my friends organised it for me, I would lose control over this and also that it was a lot to ask of someone. I’m sure they would have happily done it, but the control freak in me decided I was best off organising my own non-baby-shower.

So the invites went out for a ‘Girlie get-together ahead of the arrival of Little R-M’ with stark warnings about not bearing gifts!

And I was delighted that nearly all of my close friends and family could make it. I decided on a yellow, grey and white theme, as that’s what we are planning for our nursery (if we ever move house and have a nursery!)

As we are yet to move, my lovely mum kindly offered up her gorgeous garden. So we threw my dad out to the pub with Mr M. They weren’t too upset I don’t think.

All day Saturday and Sunday morning were spent baking, shopping, picking up balloons and preparing. My amazing mum helped with all of this despite being nearly 70 and suffering from Parkinson’s! She really is ace and I was so proud of her this weekend. My friends adore her, and she loves a party as much as me (must be where I get it from) so she was in her element. I loved watching her chatting and enjoying the day and making precious memories with her.

And Sunday afternoon saw all of my lovely ladies arriving. Some bearing gifts – naughty – and others with beautiful flowers (seems people don’t think of flowers as a present, strangely), food and drink.

The rain kindly stopped for a while and we even got a little bit of sunshine.

I am a bit over-emotional at times and definitely wear my heart on my sleeve, but I was so thrilled that everyone made such an effort, even some friends I hadn’t seen in months. I feel so lucky to have such amazing ladies in my life and can’t wait for our baby to meet all of its many many honorary aunties and family.

2015-06-14 14.31.53


2015-06-14 14.32.02 2015-06-14 14.32.15


I wouldn’t say decorating is my forte, but they tasted good and this Millionaire’s Shortbread recipe from Jane’s Patisserie is to die for!


2015-06-15 10.43.32


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