A mummy daughter day out

I know I’m getting a bit like a broken record, but our lives have been so manic the last few months with family illness, doing the house up, being pregnant, and lots more. And I’ve been feeling a bit like Lottie is just dragged along everywhere with me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s quite happy and not lacking in attention, but we haven’t really had much us time together.

So on Saturday, I decided to rectify that. Mr M was working. I had a few bits I needed to get for my mum’s 70th next weekend, but rather than just go to the shops and come home again, Lottie and I had a girlie afternoon out.

What more do girls like to do than shopping? You may think I’m a bit mad as Lottie’s only 13 months, but she actually adores being out and about in the buggy. Basically, she’s nosy and loves watching people and having a good old look around.

So we started with a bit of maternity dress and baby outfit shopping, before picking up the bits for mum’s birthday present and Lottie had a good old gawp at everyone and everything.


All of that shopping gets your appetite up though, so we popped to the local Costa for a coffee and a snack. Since Lottie started cruising and climbing, she’s become really hungry and where she didn’t really used to snack between meals, we now have a meltdown if there is no afternoon snack and constant drinks.


So now I always make sure we have plenty of snacks in the change bag to prevent the hangry tantrums, but I’m also really aware that a lot of the snacks that you can sling in the bag, which won’t get squished or go rotten, also have a fair bit of sugar in and aren’t all that healthy.

We were sent a hamper of snack for children from Mamia at Aldi. Developed in response to the needs of real mums and dads, Aldi Mamia’s award-winning 100 per cent organic baby food range starts at just 59p, and includes fruit and savoury pouches, fruit pots, rice cakes, and flavoured spring water – ideal for at home or on-the-go.


I love that these snacks are organic and healthy and also that they are so reasonably priced, especially as we are now getting through them at the rate of knots. They’re all great to pop in the change bag for snacks and you know they are healthy and lots of them are helping towards that all-important five-a-day for Lottie.

And as you can see, Lottie just loves everything about them. the rice cakes go in whole and the fruit pouches are drunk in minutes. She also loves the fruit pots and they’re a great alternative to yoghurts for a dessert as well as a snack.



We then headed home and Mr M was home from work, so he joined us on the next part of our girlie day – the park! I think Lottie would stay on the swing all day if you let her, she just adores it and I’m always really keen to make sure she gets some fresh air each day. She had a good old march around the park exploring too, then home for tea, bath and a long old sleep after her day out.




Please note – The Mamia hamper was kindly sent to us by Aldi for the purpose of this post, but all opinions are our own and we’ll be buying more very soon!


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