A dog can improve your health – Here’s how

There is a cliche that states that a dog is man’s best friend. Frankly, that just isn’t true. Dogs are everyone’s best mate, and that what makes them so brilliant. Dogs are a special kind of being, they bring happiness and joy to both families and solo people alike. There is nothing as lovely as watching your pooch snuggle up under their favourite dog blanket. But, did you know that there are documented health benefits of owning a four-legged furry friend?

top half of a dogs head with ears pricked and close up to nose

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Lower blood pressure

This one is rather fantastic. In 2002 there was a study done of people who had a cat or dog had a lower resting heart rate than those who didn’t. The participants were asked to do something that would up their stress levels, and it was noted afterwards that all of the pet owners blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal faster.

Interestingly enough, pet ownership has also been linked to better recovery for post-heart attack survival rate.

Encourage movement

It goes without saying that moving more is better for you, but if you have a companion that needs the walk just as much as you do, you’re much more likely to make it a habit. For you, walking even a short walk will keep you healthy and prevent a myriad of possible illnesses. For your dog, they really need that walk.

You can also attend classes with your dog and get even more active.

Make childhood better

That might sound a little bit of a stretch, but, caring for animals, and dogs, in particular, enhances children’s empathy as they grow. It reduces the risk of developing infections in the ear and airways. And we all know that healthy kids attend school more often, in fact, it is claimed that pet-owning children will get a full two weeks more of education due to lack of illness.

Combat stress

Linked to the blood pressure in a pretty significant way, when a dog lays their head in your lap, and you begin that long slow rhythmic stroking, it melts stress away. Dogs have a very intuitive ability, they seem to just ‘know’ when you’re in need of some extra affection. Your dog is someone to talk to, snuggle up with, take long walks with and love unconditionally.


Learning difficulties, anxiety and dementia are all areas where specialist dogs can help people cope. The calming presence of a pooch helps lower agitated behaviours and encourage affection. The routine that a dog needs can also be reassuring for those who benefit from having everything nicely planned out.

While owning a dog seems like something that comes easy to everyone, that isn’t always true. It is essential to pick a breed that works for you and your family, especially if you have small children. Taking your dog for regular walks and training classes will ensure your dog owning is the best it can be. Treat your dog like a member of the family, and you have a best friend for life.

This is a collaborative post