19 weeks: Bumpdate

I cannot believe that next week I will be halfway to meeting Little R-M! My pregnancy seems to be going so fast. I think now that we have found a house and have that sorted, I can focus a little bit more on growing this baby and enjoying my pregnancy.

19 weeks


Feeling:  The headaches have subsided. Woo hoo. It’s such a huge relief after weeks of pain. I’m also finally starting to feel like a have a bit more energy as you are supposed to in the second trimester. I’ve had a stinking head cold so I’ve been going to bed early and sleeping fairly well, but I’ve been waking up with so much more energy. I haven’t felt like I’m treading through treacle all day and the 4pm slumps have not been anywhere like as bad.

Appointments: I had an appointment with the specialist this week, It was a bit of a waste of time to be honest, as I was there to see if there was a risk of premature labour due to two colposcopies I have had, and the amount of my cervix that has been removed. I was really worrying about it, but when I got there, she just explained the situation and booked me in for another scan tomorrow. So I guess I should know more tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed.

Looking: I don’t think bump has grown much this week, although my mum told me I was huge today. She’s so blunt, bless her, but it didn’t worry me at all.

Craving: Nothing this week, but I am constantly thirsty at the moment.

Sleeping: Getting comfy is still difficult, but I do seem to be sleeping better.

Baby is the size of: A mango.


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